How to transport household belongings abroad

There may be various reasons why a person needs to travel abroad for quite a long period of time, or even to leave the country at all. This can be, for example, a change of permanent residence and move to a new country for family reasons, to study, or when the work involves a long trip abroad.

When leaving a country, you have to consider the issue of personal things transportation. Quite often, a large volume and weight of luggage need to be transported safely and timely to a destination place. offers international shipping of personal belongings. We have considerable experience in this sphere and we are ready to provide our clients a full range of services, including the organization of customs clearance of exported items. If you want to change your place of residence, or going on a long time abroad, and you need to transport your luggage to another country, we are always ready to assist you in the organization of such a transportation.

Read the tips, which help to choose a reliable mover company.

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