Top Travel Trends 2015

Our Earth is an unread book, the more you re-read it the more new and unexpected things you find. Travelling even to already discovered countries has always given uncontemplated feelings. It is like you go on the unfamiliar trail of the well-known forest. Travel will never go out of fashion, so next year promises to be extraordinary, peculiar and special as usual. Travelling experts declare such a travel list, in which they think is the top countries that will be visited in the 2015 year. The first is Cuba, because the prizes on the tours will decrease next year. Then goes Brazil with a huge number of new hotels and improved service and this isn’t a happy accident, it is known that Brazil is preparing for the 2016 Olympics. Asia cruising is the last in the top. It can offer to see unspoiled nature of China and Korea and get into culture and history of these unique nations.

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