How to rent or buy real estate in Costa Rica

The increased interest to this country has affected the real estate market, which is one of the most stable in the world at the moment, the crisis has not shaken residential and commercial real estate prices. On the contrary, experience shows that investment in real estate the previous year, always gives a guaranteed increase the next year, as well as provides some undeniable advantages to the owners of own homes and commercial real estate in.

Acquiring property in Costa Rica, you automatically become an investor in this country, that gives you the right to immediately issue a residence permit or, in other words, you get the status of a resident. It is interesting to know that it is enough to invest 60 000 USD in real estate market to become an investor, while other sectors of economy require 200 000 USD of investments. Investments must be made in any bank of Costa Rica in the national currency, as contributions in foreign currency will not be considered an investment.

Unlimited number of entries in this country, which are not typical for most Latin American countries, are among indisputable advantages of having your own property in Costa Rica. As you see, it is quite simple to buy a real estate in this country. Read more about short term apartment rental opportunities in Madrid.

Here are the prices on Costa Rica real estate and apartment rents:
Rent of a one-room apartment per month in a sleeping area - 500-600 USD
Rent of a one-room apartment per month in the city center - 400-500 USD
Rent of a 3-room apartment per month in a sleeping area - 1000-1500 USD
Rent of a 3-room apartment per month in the city center - 600-1200 USD
Price of apartments per 1 sq. m in a sleeping area - 1000-2000 USD
Price of apartments per 1 sq. m in a city center - 1000-2000 USD.

In general, the further from the capital, the lower the prices. For example, a small cozy house located 75 km from San Jose will cost you just 400 USD a month and it is quit possible to buy a small villa for 70 thousand dollars.

Julio Wade for about real estate options in Costa Rica.

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