5 Questions to Ask Your International Moving Company

When your work is connected to constant travels all over the world you definitely need to know everything about international movers and tips for hiring them regardless of the country. But if you have just found out that you need to move for the next year to a different country, then you need to think and act fast in order to save money and find the best international movers company in Regina to do the job. This is why below we prepared six tips to help you deal with it easy and with the lest efforts spent.

Loading the shipment container

When you decide to transport household belongings abroad one of the most essential things you need to find out about the movers company you plan to hire is whether it loads your belongings into container or it is your obligation, or maybe they hire some third party for this work. Regina movers advice to work with a company which loads the containers itself because it lowers the possibility of frauds and any assisting problems.

Will the company load your things in crates?

Most frequently Regina international movers use crates for shipping people's things long-distant. But here you should be cautious about how the company does it. Most frequently you cannot choose a perfect crater for your things which means that they are packed loose. According to professionals, it is better to get two smaller crates than one big but loose one, because in the latter case you get higher risks of your items damages.

Solo shipment

Some Regina movers companies prefer sending your items in carter with other clients together to save money. If you do not mind, you can actually save some money on such shipments; in case you want your stuff to be shipped separately be ready to pay more and then you will be able to track your crates separately through the whole shipment process.

License and insurance

In international moving business it is not just important it is vital to deal only with licensed and insured movers, say Regina moving expert. Always check these two points in order to be sure that you work with professionals, and that in case something goes wrong your belongings are insured and you will get all refunds.


And the last tip for hiring international movers company in Regina is to get references about every possible option in your list. Ask every company to give you several references and testimonials just to hear from their former customers about their service. Professionals also advise to ask about the experience in the international moving field and make sure that the company knows everything about the customs and special regulations about the country you are moving to.

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