Proper furniture packing

Let us talk about proper packing of furniture. Furniture should be carefully disassembled and packaged. To do this, you should remove all the screws, brackets and handles, pack them in a plastic bag and stick to furniture piece they belong to. This precaution will help you not to lose the smallest parts required for furniture assembling.

In order to avoid scratches and other damages during transportation, disassembled furniture must be packed using bubble or stretch film. Mirrors and glasses need to be transported in an upright position, otherwise they will crack due to a minor impact. If you have not dismantled the door from the wardrobe, they must be fixed with a tape.

Home appliances also require mandatory packing before the transportation. Otherwise, it is fraught with dire consequences, such as scratches and even the failure of the appliance. If you do not the original box, then small and medium-sized appliances should be packed in boxes made of corrugated cardboard filled with foam or any other filler. Read why proper packing is a pledge of success of any move.

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