How to move the things without damaging

When people are traveling to another city or country for educational or business purposes the main problem arises with the need to move the things you want to surround yourself at your temporary place of residence. Everyone would like to move them so that the things remain intact after handling and transportation. To do this, you can use the services of professional movers who will be responsible for your things safety, but in any case you need some knowledge about proper packing. We have developed some useful tips in cooperation with commercial movers from Edmonton to guide our clients through the process of personal belongings preparation for the upcoming move. Read more about the services we provide to businesses and individuals. Feel free to contact us for turnkey commercial move. We are ready to move your business any distance.

You can pack non-fragile items such as shoes, clothes, books or bed linen on your own, in the worst case, the cloth will become crumpled, but there is nothing wrong with that. The situation can be easily fixed with a simple ironing. It is better to carry jewelry and documents in your hand-baggage, if you do not want to raise claims to baggage handlers.

It is better to pack clothes, bed linen and towels in the bags, and hard objects into the boxes. Try not to put a lot of heavy stuff into one box in order its weight not to exceed 30 kg. It is not recommended to put all the shoes in one box as they may become crumpled and lose their shape.

Fragile things should be wrapped in a bubble wrap and placed between pillows, blankets or towels. It is very important to put a cloth or crumpled newspaper in the box with fragile things, the main thing is that all the empty spaces in the box should be filled. If you hire movers, make sure you showed them the boxes with fragile things, or made notes on them. Hardly something would happen to your computer during transportation, nevertheless copy all important files on flash memory sticks.

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