How to dissemble furniture before moving it

You can choose - either to ask professionals or disassemble furniture on your own. If you have decided to save and make it without professional help, you should be aware of the following. Mark all details and parts to facilitate its subsequent assembly. Fold furniture parts in bunches, do not forget to cushion the parts with corrugated sheets. Bunches should not be too heavy. When the bunch is formed - it must be wrapped in a stretch film.

Delicate pieces of furniture, such as mirrors, glass shelves, etc. should be cushioned with cardboard and wrapped with air-bubble film. Hardware should be stacked in a separate cardboard box or plastic bag, be sure to specify to which particular furniture piece this hardware belongs to.

If the furniture will not be disassembled, then it must be prepared as follows. You need to remove all the movable parts: drawers, shelves, etc. Mirror and glass items, handles and other hardware should also be removed and packed separately. Wardrobe doors should be locked to prevent from inadvertent opening. Find out how to move the things safe and sound.

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