Costa Rica travel tips

Prices in Costa Rica are much higher than in most Central American countries, but lower than in the US, Canada or Europe. You will need about 30-50 thousand Costa Rican colones (80 – 100 USD) per person per day to travel around the country with relative comfort. Accommodation in cheap hotels (with shared bathroom) will cost you about 10-15 dollars per night; rooms with all the amenities will cost you about 15-25 dollars.

The cost of food in Costa Rica is highly dependent on what products - local or imported - you will eat. It is enough to have 30-35 dollars a week for the whole family, if the foods are purchased on the market from local farmers. If expensive meats, imported wine and other imported from abroad, high-quality food products are included in the diet the cost of food will increase by several times. Shoes and clothing from local manufacturers will not cost you much as well.

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